VeggieTales: Princess & The Popstar


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Rating: G


Reason for the Rating: n/a


Plot Summary: Two young girls learn how great it is just to be themselves.


PopFam Recommends: Funny and sweet, VeggieTales has once again made a movie the whole family will enjoy


In Princess and the Popstar, the two lead characters, Princess Poppyseed and Vanna Banana, are unhappy with their lives. On one side, Poppyseed feels bored and wishes for a more exciting life, and on the other side, Vanna is tired of being the center of attention. It isn't until the two girls meet that they recognize how similar they look and decide to trade places with each other.


The new life is exciting at first, but the girls quickly begin to realize how much they loved their lives before they traded places. A series of twists and turns helps the girls get back to where they began, and they have a whole new appreciation for their own lives. They two girls understand that God made them special, and they can finally be happy with that.


Special features include: Astonishing Wigs sing-a-long, and Princess Poppyseed's points for being uniquely you.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• Do you ever wish you could be someone else? Why?


• Why do you think God made you special? Explain your thoughts.




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