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Plot Summary: A rogue dust fairy joins the ranks of pirates to get revenge on Pixie Hollow for shunning her.


PopFam Recommends: This is an excellent Saturday afternoon for families with young children.


Ever wonder what would happen if the pirates of Neverland were captained by a fairy? Why, they’d be unstoppable, magical thieves with a flying ship! But is that all? Disney - The Pirate Fairy is determined to find out.


As The Pirate Fairy begins, we are introduced to Zarina (Christina Hendricks), a dust-keeper fairy who takes care of the pixie dust that allows all of fairy kind to fly. But Zarina has a few ideas that tend to get her in trouble. She loves experimenting with the extra magical blue pixie dust, and she starts to wonder if there could be other colors of pixie dust besides blue and yellow—but her supervisor, Fairy Gary (Jeff Bennett) strictly forbids her to experiment. Why? Well, because her experiments tend to end in disaster, of course.


So Zarina goes to Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) to ask for help. Tink reluctantly agrees to see what she can do to help out Zarina. As Zarina gets into a frenzy, she starts to discover and create different colors of pixie dust that have various qualities. One color emulates the powers of fast-flying fairies, another the powers of nature fairies. But in her experimental haste, Zarina accidentally makes a small potted plant grow enormous—and it causes lots of chaos and destruction. Fairy Gary then fires her as a dust-keeper, and before anyone can stop her, Zarina gathers her belongings and experiments and flees Fairy Hollow.


A year later at the fairy Olympic Games, Zarina attacks Pixie Hollow and puts all the inhabitants to sleep. She then steals the blue dust for some human pirates. The only fairies not sleeping are Tinker Bell and a few of her close friends. When the confront Zarina, she switches all of their powers. The handful of fairies all out of sorts and running out of time must steal back the blue dust from Zarina and her pirate cohorts before it’s too late!


The Pirate Fairy stays true to the previous films in the series about fairies and Pixie Hollow. It is fun filled and fantastical, an adventure featuring many old characters as well as a smattering of great new ones. That is the great strength of the fairy movies. The characters. Fun and delightful creatures are the fairies, animals, pirates, and others. None would do well to carry a whole movie, but as an ensemble, they thrive, each with very pointed strengths and weaknesses that are constantly shown to the entertainment of all who watch. The Pirate Fairy also benefits from an A-list voice cast, including Hendricks (Zarina), Whitman (Tinker Bell), Lucy Liu (Silvermist), and even Loki himself—Tom Hiddleston playing young cabin boy, James Hook.


Although parents may find it easy to pick out plot holes or predict what will happen next, in the mind of a child, these things won’t matter. And the story is definitely entertaining, for kids and parents alike. This movie will be fun for the whole family. It’s not corny and insipid like some, so adults can certainly appreciate it—and half the fun will be in the child’s joy in seeing the events of Pixie Hollow unfold on the screen.


There are a few fun special features on the Blu-ray edition of The Pirate Fairy. There are two silly animated shorts worth checking out, and a short documentary about crocodiles that’s entertaining. The deleted scenes leave something to be desired since they’re not fully animated. For the Disney music lovers in your family, there are also a couple sing-along songs featuring tunes from the movie.


Overall, Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is a winner, especially for families with little girls and/or kids who love Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• Would you have helped Zarina after she betrayed you? Why or why not?


• What do you do when you mess up and feel left out like Zarina? Why?


• What does The Pirate Fairy say to you about friendship and second chances? Explain.




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