Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast


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Rating: G


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Plot Summary: The mysterious roar of a distant creature sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell’s friend Fawn, an animal fairy.


PopFam Recommends: Delightful viewing for families with children ages 6 and under.


Tinker Bell is on a roll with this sixth animated movie set in Pixie Hollow. As with previous films, The Legend of the NeverBeast has attracted top-tier talent for the voice cast. Mae Whitman returns to voice (perfectly, I must say) Tink, and she's joined in the lead by Ginnifer Goodwin as the voice of Fawn, the curious and goodhearted animal fairy. Rosario Dawson (Nyx) appears as a first-timer in the cast, while Lucy Liu (Silvermist), and Megan Hilty (Rosetta) delightfully reprise the roles they've played in previous installments.


The main story is this: In Pixie Hollow, home to all the fairies, there's an ancient legend about a dangerous and wild creature called the NeverBeast. When a distant roar leads to the beast's discovery, Pixie Hollow fears the worst. After all, this is a huge, fierce beast with glowing green eyes! The fairy scouts are determined to capture it before it destroys everything. Fawn, though, sees a tender heart beneath the NeverBeast's fierceness, so she convinces Tinker Bell and the others to rescue the NeverBeast before the scouts can get to him.


Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is a fun story, and beautifully told with sparkling animation and happy character development. The NeverBeast himself is visually stunning, animated with such fine detail and color it reminds you favorably of Sully from the Monster's Inc. movies or Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Plus, the story is just entertaining, warm, and affirming, and new music performed by pop star, KT Tunstall, adds a nice layer to the experience. In all, it's a pleasure to watch this movie in a family setting. Kudos to Disney for keeping this series as vibrant and alive in its sixth film as it was in the first.


Special features abound on the Blu-ray edition of this film. The behind-the-scenes mini, "My Dad's Movie: The True Story of the NeverBeast" is interesting, and some of the deleted scenes are fun. The best extra, though, is conservationist/TV host "Jeff Corwin's Guide to Real-World NeverBeasts." This fascinating little piece introduces kids to all kinds of unique and exciting creatures that actually exist, such as the star-nosed mole, the red-lipped batfish, the shoebill, and more. Though not intended for it, Corwin's exploration is remarkable testimony to God's creativity and ability in the world of nature. That mini-doc is a must-see for any family member who enjoyed this Tinker Bell movie.


Bonus Clips from: Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast:


• "Hairbrained Legend"




• "Starry Night"






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