Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


Columbia Pictures


Rating: PG


Reason for the Rating: Some violence


Plot Summary: Six years after saving the mall, Paul vacations in Las Vegas and ends up saving a casino from being robbed.


PopFam Recommends: It is what it is...but your school-aged kids will think it's funny.


Sequels are always questionable. It's just a fact we're all aware of, but choose to dismiss when faced with a sequel to a movie we enjoyed. The occasional "winner" (like The Empire Strikes Back) keeps us playing the sequel lottery, and hoping we won't be disappointed. Unfortunately, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 isn't one of those winners.


Paul Blart (Kevin James), is a down-on-his-luck mall cop. Since saving the mall, his wife divorced him after just six days of marriage, and his elderly mother was hit by a mail truck. All he has left is his job and his daughter Maya (Raini Rodriquez). Little does he know that Maya was recently accepted into UCLA and will be leaving him in New Jersey when school starts.


Life starts to look up though, when he's invited to attend the Security Officer's conference in Las Vegas. Sure that he will finally be acknowledged for his roll in outwitting the skateboard riding bandits from six years ago, Paul insists that he and Maya attend and enjoy this vacation together.


Upon arriving at the Wynn resort, decked out in Hawaiian print and carrying far too many bags, Paul begins to make his presence known by promoting himself as someone important to anyone who crosses his path, and insulting most of the resort staff. In a storyline that continues throughout the movie, Paul asserts that the beautiful general manager Divina (Daniella Alonso), is flirting with him, when she's simply being courteous. Which of course, causes her to take a second look and question her own motives, but only reminds me of Zookeeper, when James plays a similar plotline with an ex-girlfriend who is no longer interested. There are funny moments in the movie, but I found them to be few and far between, lodged between many predictable and not-so-funny gags.


While Paul is out trying to impress his fellow security officers, Maya is befriending Lane (David Henrie), a valet at the resort. At a party with Lane, she happens upon thieves in the process of relieving the resort of much of its art collection. Once again, Maya is able to call her father just before being kidnapped, leading Paul Blart to once again save the day.


Kevin James is a funny actor. We've all laughed at his antics in Hitch, Here Comes the Boom, and the TV hit King of Queens, but Paul Blart 2 is like all the tricks and jokes we've already seen thrown together into one big movie. It's predictable and just not as funny as hoped for. There isn't anything objectionable for young children to see or hear, and the violence noted for the PG rating, is actually full of comedy and humor, like when Paul accidentally shoots himself in the feet with a foaming, quick-set glue gun, or his fight with a crane. These are the scenes kids will love and make the movie bearable for adults.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's certainly not the best. This the perfect kind of movie to rent and watch on a night when you need a few laughs, but not one on which to spend the family movie budget.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• Do you agree with Paul, that the purpose in life is to help someone? How is the idea of helping others like what Jesus taught?


• Paul desperately wants others to like and respect him, and ends up doing all kinds of strange things to get attention. What do you do when you are wanting attention? How do you think others see you?


• How would Paul's life be different if he knew Jesus? Explain your answer.




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