The Odd Life of Timothy Green


Walt Disney Studios


Rating: PG


Reason for the Rating: Mild thematic elements and brief language.


Plot Summary: When a childless couple place their dreams in a box and bury it in the garden, they are surprised to find their dreams come true.


PopFam Recommends: See this movie, and then hug your kids and tell them how amazing they are.


Infertility is not an uncommon problem, and one that can often be solved with medication or special procedures. But that's not the case for Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton), a couple who desperately want a child but have run out of medical options. As a means of mourning the loss of having their own child, they write down what they dream their child would have been like, place the pieces of paper in a box, and bury it in the garden. And a miracle occurs. Timothy Green grows out of the garden and into their lives.


This is a magical tale. Not just in that Timothy (CJ Adams), a ten year-old boy, grows out of the garden, but the story itself is unique and told with creativity and playfulness. Cindy and Jim are kind-hearted, friendly, and easy going. You'd have to be to accept a child who grew out of the garden. While they don't understand the "how" of the situation, they whole-heartedly accept Timothy and parenting this amazing child, who is everything they dreamed.


Of course, not everyone is so taken with Timothy. Not Coach Cal (Common), who isn't so thrilled to have a kid on his team who can't even kick the ball. Nor Ms. Crudstaff (Dianne Wiest), the grouchy old owner of the pencil factory. Timothy draws her portrait in not-so-flattering tones. But Cindy and Jim don't care. Timothy is special. He touches the lives of everyone around him and, literally, changes the town.


The Odd Life of Timothy Green is family movie, but is unusual in that it's told from the parent's perspective. What they dreamed for their child, how they tried to be the best parents...and made the same mistakes we all make. This has the feel of an old Disney movie, where the story is the main character, not the special effects or fast-paced plot that feels like a whirlwind. It's a sweet story that unfolds and develops, until you're caught up in the odd life of Timothy Green and the world he creates. It's a movie you won't want to miss.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• If you could erase all your mistakes, would you? What have you learned from the mistakes you've made?


• If you could invent something, or change something to make it better, what would it be?


• Timothy was his parents dream child: honest to a fault, artistic, a bit musical, not athletic, and had a heart full of love. What qualities did God give you? How do those make you special to your family and friends?




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