Monsters University




Rating: G


Reason for the Rating: N/A


Plot Summary: Mike Wazowski and James P. "Sully" Sullivan pursue their dreams of becoming pro "Scarers" in this prequel to Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc.


PopFam Recommends: Was this the best movie ever? No, but it was certainly fun and appropriate for the whole family.


Before I get into fully discussing Monsters U, I must point out the beginning animated short The Blue Umbrella.


As usual, Pixar delivers a heartwarmingly cute animated short before the actual film. The Blue Umbrella is beautifully done and focuses on a variety of inanimate objects in New York City that have suddenly been given limited life by the start of a rainstorm. The main character is (surprise!) a blue umbrella who suddenly finds a pink one in the crowd of generic black umbrellas. The two make eyes at each other, but then are separated as their owners go different directions. In order to see how traffic cones, steam vents, and rain gutters pull together to try to get blue and pink back together, you’ll have to actually go see the movie! But it was definitely a treat.


And now on to the good stuff!


Monsters University is the story before the story. It’s the prequel to the excellent title Monsters Inc. This one is about Mike and Sully before they were teammates, and before they were even friends.


We first learn about Mike Wazowski. From early childhood he discovered that his dream was to be a Scarer, to help collect screams to power Monstropolis. He studies hard and learns the textbooks forward and backwards and is admitted as a scare student to one of the top scare schools, Monsters University.


Shortly after starting school, Mike has a couple run-ins with James P. Sullivan. Sully comes from a long line of top Scarers and he seems to be getting by on name, reputation, and a little bit of natural talent. The semester quickly comes to a close and Mike and Sully have a heated argument that gets them kicked out of the scaring program by the school’s fright-inducing dean, Ms. Hardscrabble.


In a last-second effort to join the Scare Games and earn their way back into scare school, Mike and Sully reluctantly join forces with the goofiest, most underrated fraternity, Oozma Kappa (OK for short). Do they win the Scare Games? We all know Mike and Sully become best friends and partners, but how do they go from enemies to best friends? You’ll just have to go see the movie to find out!


I had high hopes going into Monsters University because I have loved Monsters Inc. since it was released. I was a little bit worried because so often, the second or third movies in a series aren’t as good as the first. But Disney and Pixar have proved that they can make really good sequels with some of their other works together, so I had my fingers crossed that this would be a good one too. I was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was great and kept me guessing all the way through. The cast of new characters was terrific, as well as a few cameos from some old characters. This movie also tickled my funny bone just right and had me laughing all the way through.


In the end, was it the best movie ever? No. But it certainly was very good and I will for sure own it. This is an excellent family film. It is greatly entertaining in its own right, and is a very strong sequel to a well known and revered family favorite.


Monsters University is fun and appropriate for the whole family. So grab your kids, your grandma, your uncle Erik, or anyone else and go watch this fun new installment in the Monsters universe.




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