Men in Black III


Columbia Pictures / Amblin Entertainment


Rating: PG-13


Reason for the Rating: Sci-fi action violence, and brief suggestive content.


Plot Summary: When an alien escapes from prison and kills Agent K, Agent J must travel back to 1969 to change the course of events and save K.


PopFam Recommends: A fun movie to see with older kids (13 and up) or for a parents' night out


Who doesn't love Men in Black? Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have a chemistry that is always entertaining, and while this third movie isn't as funny as the first, it's certainly better than the second. And, what's even more amazing, is that while 15 years have passed since the first Men in Black, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones haven't aged a bit. Wish I could same the same for myself!


As with their looks, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) haven't progressed much in their relationship either. J is still trying to crack K's stoic demeanor and figure out why he seems to lack emotion. Just when J seems to be getting somewhere, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement), an alien serial killer intent on taking over Earth, escapes from prison. After spending forty plus years in Lunar Prison, Boris escapes with one goal in mind. Kill Agent K. But, he decides to travel back to 1969 and kill the young Agent K before K shoots off Boris' arm.


When Agent K mysteriously disappears, and records show that he died in 1969, Agent J decides to travel back to 1969 to save K and change history. Upon reaching 1969, J meets a young, and happy, Agent K (Josh Broslin, who sounds just like Tommy Lee Jones), and comes to understand why the older K is composed and emotionally inexpressive, as well as how their lives are intertwined.


Men in Black III is a movie anyone can watch, but fans of previous Men in Black movies will appreciate brief references to the first two (like the huge picture of J's dog over his bed) as well as new characters who add depth to the plot. Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), a gentle alien who can forsee the future, is an interesting contrast to the violent Boris, while Agent O (Emma Thompson) shows us a side of Agent K we've never previously seen. Plot and sub-plots are all interwoven to create a fun and adventurous movie that's simply entertaining.


While "anyone can watch" this movie, parents should be aware that Boris the Animal is a scary alien, and young children may be frightened by him. This movie does deserve it's PG-13 rating for violence, and I would add scary aliens to that.


Men in Black III certainly lives up to its's fun, creative, great special effects, full of action, and characters you won't forget.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• Agent J saw the beginnings of many of the gadgets he currently uses, and was amused at how things have changed. What gadgets do you use today that might be obsolete in 40 years? How do you think they might change?


• Griffin could see multiple endings to any given situation. Would you like to have this ability? Explain.


• Have you ever seen a miracle? If so, tell about it.




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