Lord, Save Us From Your Followers


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Plot Summary: A documentary exploring Christianity and the culture war within America.


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There are few Christian films that take a hard, honest look at Christianity. I'm not talking about what Christianity believes or its historical validity, but the effect its followers are having upon the people in our neighborhoods, country, and world. Your agnostic neighbor, or your homosexual coworker. Or maybe the school board that wants the theory of evolution taught exclusively in your local school. How do your actions and words affect others in the name of Christ? Are we being an example of Christ that will draw others to him?


In Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, Dan Merchant explores the impact Christianity is having upon America. What he finds is that the impact isn't really the positive one we've hoped for. What most non-Christians see is anger about abortion, anger toward gays, anger about prayer being taken out of school, anger that "In God We Trust" is being taken off our money. So, to sum up, what others see is...anger.


Now, I know that as Christians we are simply trying to protect our children and our religious freedoms, but as we fight, they fight, and the only thing gained is tension. Isn't one goal of our Christian faith to DRAW others to Jesus? As we see in this film, we are failing to exemplify the love of Christ, and are instead building a wall between "us" and "them." A wall that divides and separates.


But don't just take Dan Merchant's word on it. He conducted interviews with Tony Campolo, Al Franken, Michael Reagan, and other political and religious leaders. The film shows clips of Bono, Rick Warren, Jon Stewart, James Dobson, George Clooney, and other famous people who are actively involved in political, social, or religious issues.


So, is there a better way? Lord, Save Us From Your Followers not only explores the culture war being played out, but seeks to encourage Christians toward loving their neighbor, and highlights some positive things Christians are doing to touch the lives of others. For instance, World Vision and Nightstrike, a gathering of hundreds of Christians each month in Portland who care for the homeless...washing feet, handing out clothes, cutting hair. Loving and touching those who are so easily passed over.


So, this all sounds pretty serious, and it is, but Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is actually done in such a way that you'll find yourself laughing at some of the things famous Christians have been recorded saying. The topics are introduced in a way that you find yourself open to what is being said, and searching your heart for behaviors and attitudes that are repellent and exclusive.


Lord Save Us From Your Followers is eye-opening, heartbreaking, and honest. It's a movie that will move you toward having a conversation with your friends, and convict you anew to be a light in the darkness.


Lord Save Us From Your Followers is an important movie you will want to see with your family and friends, Christian and non-Christian alike. What better way to start a conversation?


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• Could you relate to anything that was said about Christians in this movie? Explain.


• What can you do differently in your own home to uphold Biblical values, while encouraging conversation and openness toward different points of view?


• What was your reaction when Dan set up a confessional at the gay rally? How do you think apologizing for the divisive attitudes and actions of yourself or others would make a difference in the lives of the people around you?




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