Godzilla 3D (Quick Pick)


Warner Bros


Rating: PG-13


Reason for the Rating: Intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence.


PopFam Rating: Fun 3D special effects, but the story doesn't live up to the hype.


Quick Summary: It’s 1999 in the Philippines, and scientists discover the skeleton of a giant, lizard-like beast—along with two egg sacks of proportional size. One egg sack is broken, but the creature that inhabited it is nowhere to be found...


Fast-forward to today and (you guessed it!) there’s a new Godzilla tearing up the town. Action, adventure, and lame dialogue ensue.


Parents should be aware there are varying sequences of intense 3D action and violence throughout this film. There are also a few profanities, but mostly this movie gets is rating from the violence and destruction created by the big scary monsters.


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