Geek Charming


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Rating: G


Reason for the Rating: N/A


Plot Summary: When a popular girl, who is willing to do anything to win Blossom Queen, mixes with a nerd, who wants nothing more than to win a film festival, the two will clash, but ultimately pull through for the sake of friendship.


PopFam Recommends: This movie should be fun for elementary-age or preteen kids.


Every girl dreams of a prince charming, but what about a geek? In this fun flick, Dylan (Sarah Hyland) discovers that sometimes being popular isn’t what really matters. After agreeing to star in a documentary about high school popularity, she comes face to face with the problem of real friendship versus "being cool."


Josh (Matt Prokop, playing nerdy cool) is determined to win the film festival with a “hard hitting expose.” His subject is Dylan, (Sarah Hyland) the most popular girl in school who is also unwavering in her attempt to win Blossom Queen. As Josh continues to shoot his documentary, he discovers that there's more to Dylan than meets the eye. She has a fun personality and is more interesting as a real person. However, when Josh decides to reveal the real Dylan in his documentary, it could ruin everything.


The movie is a very typical, lighthearted high school story. It uses stock characters to populate the cast: the "populars," the nerds, the shallow boyfriend and all the other stereotypes common in a film about high school. Still, it's reasonably well acted, with plenty of humor--and it manages to avoid "cheesy dialogue syndrome" that's often present in shows like this. Plus, it delivers a praiseworthy lesson for kids about friendship and being the real you.


Overall, Geek Charming was, well, charming fun. Young viewers can easily grasp the concepts and ideas represented and understand them in a very natural way. While the lesson being taught is channeled towards preteens, parents should be aware that there is a brief kiss toward the end of the film and some suggested kissing at the very end.


The 2 disk bonus pack DVD of this movie comes with ten full episodes of Disney Channel’s show “Shake It Up”


Geek Charming is a light hearted film that is sure to entertain families particularly with elementary children or preteens. It’s solid message and unique style is a fun way to reinforce what you're teaching your kids about being who they really are and staying true to their real friends.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


• Have you ever acted like Dylan did and pretended to be someone you’re not?


• How can you relate your friends to Dylan’s friends in the movie? Are they similar to yours, or different?


• What is one time in your life when you have wanted something so much that you were willing to do anything to get it, like Dylan wanting to be Blossom Queen or Josh wanting to win the film festival?




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