The Fox & The Hound 2-Movie Set


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Rating: G / G


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Plot Summary: A spunky fox and a friendly hound become unlikely friends, set out on adventures, and learn life lessons as they go


PopFam Recommends: For families with preschoolers, this double-feature set is a great family time movie. Enjoy on a lazy Saturday afternoon!


I must have watched The Fox and the Hound a few dozen times as a kid! I loved the adventure and the spirit both characters shared, and happily sang along with Pearl Bailey to the words, "When you're the best of friends..."


When The Fox & The Hound 2 came out with that first film as part of the Blu-ray, 2-movie set, I had high hopes. I gathered the whole family and prepared for a great movie watching experience. As expected, The Fox and the Hound was wonderful—just like I remembered. I was so glad to share it with my boys and watch the same kind of wonder I felt dance in their eyes while they watched it.


Next came The Fox & The Hound 2… and, well… my kids liked it. But more on that later.


For those who missed out on these movie, The Fox and the Hound introduces Tod, an orphaned fox who is full of curiosity and spunk, as well as Copper, a hound puppy who is being trained to hunt. In the way that only children can do, Tod and Copper ignore their differences to become close friends--best of friends. But as they grow up, they're inevitably torn apart, especially as Copper is trained to hunt...foxes just like Tod. This movie is heartwarming, and full of spirit. I loved sharing it with my children and watching their expressions. I loved it as a child, and I still do.


I'm pretty sure The Fox & The Hound 2 was meant to highlight the Tod and Copper on a new adventure while they're still pups, but for me it fell short of the original. In this sequel, Tod joins up with a group of "Singing Strays"--a group of harmonizing dogs meant to mirror acts from the Grand Ol' Opry. Copper is relegated to the role of dog-roadie as issues of fame and loyalty to friends come into play. And, of course, kid-friendly songs and high-jinks ensue.


The Fox & The Hound 2 was a fine film, but I couldn't bring myself to think of it as a sequel to the first. Tod and Copper seemed to have different personalities than they did in the first movie, and most of the other characters I'd come to love never made an appearance here. Don't get me wrong, I did like the second movie, and my children definitely laughed in all the right places; I just think this one would have been better with characters that were uniquely its own, not forced into a sequel for The Fox and the Hound.


Still, The Fox and The Hound original movie will remain one of my favorite childhood films, and I'm sure the second one will attract a new generation of Disney movie watchers. I can easily recommend both of these movies for families of all ages. My children sure did enjoy them, and I'm confident that others will too!


The special feature my kids and I enjoyed most kids was "Unlikely Friends," a spotlight on "surprising friendships within the wild kingdom." Other special features abound, including a "making of" featurette, "Best of Friends" sing-along, and more.


Let’s Talk About It

Use these questions to spark discussion among family members who are interested in this movie:


•At the end of The Fox & The Hound, Tod and Copper are no longer close friends. Do you think it should have ended differently? If so, how would you have ended it?


• In The Fox & The Hound 2, Copper feels like he's not good at anything. When do you feel the way? What helps you feel better?




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