Crazy Stupid Love (Quick Pick)


Warner Bros


Rating: PG-13


Reason for the Rating: Coarse humor, sexual content, and language.


PopFam Rating: B+


Quick Summary: An unexpected entry into the "Romantic Comedy" genre, Crazy Stupid Love is a little bit foul, flagrantly amoral, and yet imbued with a redeeming heart of gold. The film follows 40-something Cal Weaver (Steve Carell - yes, he can actually act) as he learns to cope with the infidelity of his wife and the subsequent breakup of their marriage. His awkward attempts at dating, his heartbreaking tenderness toward his estranged wife, and his new wingman, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) all make things interesting. Because of the adult situations and language, this film's not for everyone. But adults who look past those elements will discover a warm, meaningful, family-affirming tale.


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