Awake - Northpoint Live


Various Artists


EMI Music


Listener Appeal: All Ages


Genre: Worship


As I got ready to hear this CD, I wasn’t sure what to think. Although I’d heard of most of the names of the artists that were playing on the CD, I’d never actually heard much more than one or two songs by each of them. So as I started Awake: North Point Live, I didn’t really know what to expect other than the fact that it was a worship album.


This disc is a live recording of a concert put on by some artists including Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland, and Todd Fields. Although none of these are huge names like Chris Tomlin, most of them aren’t new to the industry and know how to make some good music to worship God.


My first impression of this CD was that it was nothing new in the overall idea. It has been done many times by people like David Crowder and Chris Tomlin on CD’s like the Passion series. As I let the music start blaring, I couldn’t help but notice the catchy lyrics and musical hooks.


This album definitely starts out on a high point with the song “God is Alive.” It keeps that going with one of my favorite songs on the CD “Bless Your Name.” The great thing about these songs is that they are there to lead us, the listener, in coming before the creator of the world to praise Him. I also like that there are mostly songs by the individual artists, but there are also some songs that are more commonly known like “Everything,” which was written by Tim Hughes.


One of the disappointments for me was the song “It is Well.” I really love this song, but I didn’t find the version on Awake to be very moving or well done. There were also some additional lyrics and a little bit different melody that throw the listener off on that song. Also, although I do enjoy this CD, I don’t love it like I have loved other worship albums by artists like Hillsong United or Desperation Band.


In the end, I like this CD. As I said previously, I don’t love it, but I’m sure that I’ll be listening to it occasionally for quite a while.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this album, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• How can you make God your everything?


• What song do you think has the most powerful and worshipful lyrics? Why?




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