Vice Verses






Listener Appeal: Teens and Young Adults


Genre: Rock


This newest chapter in the book that is Switchfoot is a solid release that will not disappoint. In 2009 the band released Hello Hurricane after they split from their old record company. Frontman Jon Foreman says that Vice Verses is somewhat of a continuation of that.


One thing I’ve noticed is that this album seems more polished and more like “traditional” Switchfoot than Hello Hurricane which was more raw and a little bit different than their previous releases. Also on this CD, the rhythm section is much more in the forefront and driving than it has been before. This is evident through most of the album as some of the drum beats are more styled as hip-hop or soul beats rather than straight rock and roll beats.


Vice Verses kicks off strong with the song “Afterlife” which discusses mortality in a rocking anthemic style. The song “Dark Horses” was a high point on the record for me. Charged with adrenaline and gang vocals, this song rocks out. The title track for this album is a good change in pace that mainly features Foreman singing over acoustic guitars and contemplating opposing forces. “Selling the News” was the only song I was really iffy about. It has a strong beat that Foreman speaks over rather than singing. While it is done well and they can pull it off, it just left me feeling like it didn’t quite fit.


On the whole, Vice Verses is a CD worth checking out and will please the Switchfoot fans both old and new.


Let’s Talk About It:


If your family members are interested in this music, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• What aspects of life do you often feel battling against each other?


• What are your opinions about life after death?




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