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Listener Appeal: Young adults


Genre: Rock


As I got ready to listen to Awake, I was pretty excited, because I have really liked Skillet’s previous two albums Comatose and Collide. Having seen these guys live is also a bonus because they have a killer live show. So I had high expectations for this new release. Although it didn’t exceed any expectations I had, it certainly is a good CD that is well worth listening to.


Skillet is a band who was birthed many years ago and has climbed the ranks in Christian circles, and also in the mainstream market. In the past years, they have been gaining popularity and reaching out to those who need Christ. Although their lyrics are more secular now, they still deal with big issues for Christians and non Christians alike and many songs have faith based subscript.


Once I started listening to Awake, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed. The opening song “Hero,” is Skillet just as they have been for so many years. It is a hard pounding song with meaningful lyrics and a catchy melody.


As I kept on listening, the second song was just as hard-hitting as the first. “Monster” is a song that talks about the time in life when we mess up. Sometimes we do stupid things and feel like a monster or a screw up. This song deals with that feeling and tries to accurately describe it. The song “Forgiven” is another song that is a high point in the album. It talks about how we mess up in life a lot, and yet when we talk to God about it, He welcomes us back with open arms and forgives our every sin and loves us like we’re clean and new.


The low points on this album tend to be during the slower songs. While on past Skillet CDs, these have been done well, this time they seem somewhat lacking. The music seems forced and the lyrics don’t seem to really hold as much potency as they could. Also, some listeners might be turned off by the music overall because of its heavy nature.


In the end, I’d say this CD is the same old Skillet. Nothing new or showy here, just Skillet.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this album, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• What are times you feel like a monster?


• Do you feel forgiven by God? Why or why not?




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