Every Falling Tear


Matt Hammitt




Listener Appeal: All Ages


Genre: Acoustic Worship


This first solo release from Sanctus Real frontman, Matt Hammitt, is a strong album about faith and trust in God, especially in the hard times.


For those of you who love the slower, less poppy songs on Sanctus Real CDs, Every Falling Tear is for you. While not every song is a slower song, they have a more spread-out and open feeling rather than trying to be a collection rock and roll songs.


This album was born during difficult times for Hammitt's family, when they found out their new child would have a severe heart defect and might not live. Hammitt turned his worry and sorrow into songwriting, and Every Falling Tear was the result. Now more than a year later, the child is fine, but there are still questions.


“You Are My Treasure” is one of my favorites off of this album. The whole song just states that Jesus is our treasure, and nothing can take that away from us. “Trust” is another one that speaks the Jesus-heart of the record as a whole. Very nice. In “Trust,” Hammitt just pours himself out saying that his trust is in God even when times are hard and it’s unclear what is up ahead.


The weakness for me in this CD is that it is somewhat bland at times. There are stretches where the music doesn’t differ much from song to song, and they just blend together. While there were good songs, I was never enraptured by any of them. That being said, it’s still a CD worth checking out, especially if members of your family are Sanctus Real fans.


Let’s Talk About It:


If your family members are interested in this music, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• How do you deal with the hard times in life? For Hammitt, it is writing songs. What about you?


• Have you or anyone you know ever gone through complications in child birth? How did that affect your family? How did it affect your relationship with God?




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