In Our Nature


Jose Gonzales


Imperial Recordings


Listener Appeal: Young Adults and Adults


Genre: Acoustic Pop


 I was really excited when I finally got In Our Nature and first popped it in. I’d seen a couple of the music videos from the album, and loved them. The CD didn’t disappoint in its delivery of other great tunes too.


Jose Gonzalez is a fabulous artist in all aspects of his music. He has a soft and yet powerful voice, smooth and relaxing guitars, and excellent lyrics. So unlike some artists, he’s very well rounded and displays his talents very well through song.


The first time I listened to this album all the way through, I was driving around town with my friends, and we were all captivated by the soothing nature of the music. We were hooked right away. It’s very exciting to find an artist who has that ability.


Easily the best song on this CD is the second track, “Down the Line.” This song is about the repeated mess ups we make in life and that there are always problems in the future, but we that we shouldn’t let those things destroy us in our day to day lives. The final song “Cycling Trivialities” is another song that is very good. It takes into account all the silly little things that people worry about constantly than actually have very little effect on their lives.


There is only one true downer on In Our Nature. It is the fact that there are a few swear words throughout the album. Because of that, I’d recommend parents listen to it first to decide whether or not to share it with your kids.


This CD definitely lived up to my expectations and delivered a wonderful experience.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this album, you can encourage discussion about it. Use these questions to help you get started:


• What are some problems you may have to deal with down the line in your life?


• What are the little things that you worry too much about?




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