Little Hell


City and Colour


Vagrant Records


Listener Appeal: Teens and up


Genre: Acoustic Rock / Folk


City and Colour, the recording alias for singer-songwriter Dallas Green (also the guitar player for Alexisonfire) first captured my heart when a friend of mine let me borrow the album, Bring Me Your Love. As my affection grew over the past year for Green’s beautiful voice and guitar playing, I became more and more excited for Little Hell to be released. I was not disappointed.


This album shows the most growth so far in the band’s history. While most of the songs before were mainly acoustic guitar and vocals, this record has added a full band on many cuts. Initially this worried me because I loved the simplicity of a guy singing his heart out with his guitar. After listening to Little Hell, though, my worries have been put down. While the sound is definitely different, there is still the same soul and beauty that I’ve fallen in love with.


The thing I've noticed and been pleased most about this album is the songwriting. The use of similes and metaphors throughout is truly genius. The most obvious showcase song for that is “Northern Wind.” The whole song juxtaposes things mainly from nature with the singer and his love.


In my opinion, the most heartfelt song on the album is “O’ Sister.” This was written for Dallas’ sibling as she was going through hard times. It partly expresses his sadness at not being able to help her more, but there's also encouragement that she will be able to make it through, and assurance that all will work out in the end.


Little Hell is definitely a great album; it has my full recommendation.


Let’s Talk About It:


If your family members are interested in this music, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• Is someone in your family going through tough times? What can you do to help?


• The song “Silver and Gold” talks about a dream of the world ending and how there is nothing material to put faith in. What things do you put your faith in?




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