God of This City




Lucid Entertainment


Listener Appeal: All Ages


Genre: Worship


As I first popped God of This City in to my CD player, I was really hoping that Bluetree would be a new band that is really good. I’d never heard anything about them before, and was just looking for something new. What I found was pretty impressive.


This band has a recording quality and musical style similar to Delirious?. Their lyrics weren’t quite of Delirious? caliber yet, but they are still quite solid. These guys seems like they are the kind of band that just wants to make good music and sing songs to God. So far, they’re succeeding.


Bluetree really surprised me. I'd had the CD sitting around collecting dust for weeks, untouched and un-listened-to. Then when I put it on, I was immediately impressed.


The opening song “Life’s Noise,” slowly grabs you and pulls you in so that soon enough, you are sucked into the artist’s world. “God of This City” is another song that will keep people listening. It talks about how God has done great things, but there are even greater things that He is going to do in the future.


The main downfall of this CD for me is that there are a lot of songs about God, but not very many that are to Him. For instance, there are a lot of things that say “God is great!” or “Our God is amazing.” These just talk about God. There isn’t much of the time that the songs are being sung to God as worship or prayer.


Still, in the end, this album really surprised me with strong production quality, interesting and engaging songs, and a worship-filled focus lyrically. I’m glad I finally put this one into the CD player and gave it a listen. I recommend God of This City for any fans of today's worship music--kids and parents alike.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this album, you can encourage discussion about it. Use these questions to help you get started:


• In the song “Each Day,” it talks about God leading us through the storms. What are some of the storms in your life?


• What great things has God done in your city?




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