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Taylor Swift


Pop Spotlight for Parents: 


Taylor Swift is a pop music superstar (with country roots), an occasional actress (The Giver; Valentine’s Day), and one of the most influential performers in the music industry today. She’s known for writing intimate, accessible songs about her personal life—including bad breakups with past lovers and everyday young-adult angst. Her most recent mega-selling, award-winning albums are 1989, Speak Now, and Red.


Parents, you can use these family talk-starters to spark healthy conversations about Taylor Swift in your home:


• What’s your impression of Taylor Swift and her music? Explain.


• How have you seen music influence the way your friends think or act? The way you think or act?


• Why do you suppose so many girls relate to Taylor Swift?


• How can you know when Taylor Swift is worth imitating, and when she isn’t?


• What’s the best way we could pray for Taylor Swift this week?




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Mike Nappa
Mike Nappa
Mike Nappa