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Marvel Comics (owned by Walt Disney) is the largest comic book publisher in the world—and Axel Alonso is Editor in Chief at Marvel Comics.


Axel began his career as a journalist and magazine writer before joining the comics industry in 1994. Since 2000, he’s shaped the stories of classic heroes like Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and many more. Today, Axel is one of the most influential people in all of comic book publishing—so we asked him to answer 5 Great Questions for parents. Here’s what he had to say…


Parents, we went behind the scenes and with Axel Alonso to help you discover more about Marvel Comics in your home. Use this interesting info to spark new conversations with your kids this week!


LTP: Thanks for taking time toi talk to parents, Axel! Now, in your own words, what is Marvel Comics?


Axel Alonso: Marvel tells stories about human perseverance – about super-powered individuals who rise to impossible challenges. Our readers aren’t rooting for the powers or the costume – they’re rooting for the person inside the tights. With Spider-Man, they’re rooting for the kid from Queens who, when he’s not saving the world, has to scrape to make rent; with Captain America, they’re rooting for the 98-pound weakling who, through the miracle of science, was granted muscles that finally match the size of his heart.


LTP: Your superheroes and stories wield a significant influence on American culture. How does Marvel Comics handle that?


Axel Alonso: With over 70-plus years of stories in the bank and counting, Marvel Comics is modern mythology – and we’re well aware of the responsibility that comes with it. We take such great pains to portray our characters as the heroes they should be. Our protagonists are models for life: people who rise above their personal baggage and insecurities to face great challenges and do great things.


LTP: Why is Marvel interested in reaching kids today?


Axel Alonso: I discovered comic books as a young boy. They taught me to read and helped shape my moral code—they are a part of my DNA. As Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, I understand the importance of cultivating young readers that will have a similar experience; as the father of an 8-year-old boy who’s a big fan of Spider-Man and Deadpool, I’m thrilled to see my son have a similar experience.


LTP: Some parents worry that Marvel Comics are too violent, political, sexualized, and so on. What would you like to say to those parents?


Axel Alonso: Not all comics are intended for kids – which is why we label our comics for their intended audience. That said, most of our content is PG-rated material aimed at a multiplex audience.


LTP: What would you say is most important in life—and in your work?


Axel Alonso: What’s the most important thing in life? Sounds corny, I know, but love – finding it, earning it, giving it, sacrificing for it. It’s why superheroes throw themselves headlong at impossible threats. Because their hearts overflow with it.




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