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Creators of the adventure-filled DREAMWORKS DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE reveal the magic of making the all-new Netflix original series


Hiccup and Toothless are ready to lead the dragon riders into uncharted territory in the all-new Netflix original series DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE, an epic adventure packed with action, thrills and boundless adventure that premieres June 26, 2015 from DreamWorks Animation.


From the very beginning of the first 13 episodes, DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE wastes no time establishing a remarkable development: Our hero Hiccup and his fire-breathing best friend Toothless discover a mysterious, ancient artifact known as the Dragon Eye.


“The Dragon Eye has never been seen before, and its secrets show Hiccup that there is more out there in the world. The experiences he has in this series shape him into becoming a leader and ultimately chief,” says executive producer Art Brown. The secrets locked within the Dragon Eye are truly remarkable, containing new information about undiscovered dragons and islands far beyond the borders of Berk. “If the Book of Dragons is an encyclopedia, the Dragon Eye is the Internet,” explains executive producer Doug Sloan.


The promise of action-packed excitement, villainous battles, ferocious dragons and hilarious hijinks will come to life in each episode, punctuated by Hiccup’s simple observation of the Dragon Eye: “This changes everything.” And the stakes are high as our heroes must battle evil dragon-hunting villains who will stop at nothing until they seize the powerful Dragon Eye!


As they venture from the safety of Berk and fly farther than ever before, the dragon riders discover Dragon’s Edge, a lush island on which they establish their outpost – a home base for all their new adventures.


Dragon’s Edge is where they’ll gain their independence … and also embark on extraordinary journeys.


“From the air, the island even looks a little bit like a dragon,” says Brown. “It’s a place that’s just for them."


“Dragon’s Edge is a pretty amazing place on its own,” Brown says, “but when Hiccup, Toothless and the dragon riders move in, it becomes one of the most incredible settings we’ve ever seen in the Dragons story.”















On Dragon’s Edge, the dragon riders build an arena where they can train their dragons and practice the moves they’ll need in battle. Each dragon rider also builds a distinctive dwelling that captures his or her personality – and the unique attributes of their dragons. Egotistical Snotlout’s hut is held up by an effigy of himself; mild-mannered Fishlegs builds an area created especially for relaxing.


Those dwellings are small examples of the humor that viewers will find in DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE, continuing the distinctive blend of action, adventure, humor and heart established by the movies, along with the novels by Cressida Cowell that inspired them. Sloan says, “Grown-ups can watch alongside kids because the jokes are funny enough, the storytelling grand enough, and the adventure amazing enough for all ages.”


He adds that a critical challenge to the creative team behind DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE was to ensure this all-new Netflix original series felt both familiar to longtime fans and at the same time fresh and exciting.


“We wanted the series to be completely different from the films – to look different, sound different, feel different. The characters, the dragons and the storylines have all evolved,” he says, explaining that DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE is set between the events of the two films.


DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE explores how Hiccup and the dragon riders – like all young men and women – make decisions and take leaps that shape their destinies.


“This series represents the ‘college years’ for our heroes,” Sloan says. “They’re striking out on their own for the first time, flying farther than ever before, confident and independent but not yet burdened by the heavy responsibilities that will come to them soon enough.”


 “Just as the characters have grown up, our fans have grown up with them,” he adds. “Like them, DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE is just a little more sophisticated, a little more intense – and ready for adventure.” 



















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