The Cost of Fandom

Autograph Prices at Denver Comic Con (2015)



Here's the cool thing about spending a day at Denver Comic Con: Many of your favorite film and TV celebrities are there!


Here's the not-so-great thing: They all want your money for simple things like taking a picture with you or signing a picture for you. So what are you gonna do? Be prepared.


If you and your family members are hoping to get an autograph or photo with your favorite celebs at Denver Comic Con, it'll be best if you plan ahead. Use this handy list of Comic Con "fan fees" to help your family budget for the best time ever this year. 



Autograph and Photo Fees for Denver Comic Con

Hover over an image below to pull up autograph and photo fees for each celebrity. 

Note: Fan fees updated April 17, 2015.

Denver Comic Con (2015)


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