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A Monthly Mystery Box for Nerdy Families



Yeah, your family life just got more fun. Here’s how: Geek Fuel subscription box service.


We discovered Geek Fuel at Denver Comic Con this year, and well, we had to see what it was about. Based in Denver, Colorado, Geek Fuel launched in December 2014 and had grown by over 1,0000% in just six short months. Pretty impressive. Sure, subscription boxes are pretty popular right now, and sure there are lots of boxes to choose from, but if yours is a “pop culture family” like ours, then you’ll probably want to check out Geek Fuel too. Billed as a “monthly mystery box,” this subscription sends you a care package full of fun, entertainment-related prizes to share with the geeks in your life.


The folks at Geek Fuel promise to deliver “cool collectibles, interactive downloads, and functional home goods” each and every month, ready to be enjoyed by everyone in your family. Each new box is curated by the company’s trend-spotters to highlight current interests according to whatever that month’s theme is. Past boxes have included special edition (variant cover) comic books from Marvel and others, random T-shirts, Star Wars posters, superhero mugs, candy, buttons, and even arcade-game-themed soap.


Our Geek Fuel box had some fun stuff in it, including Jurassic Park paperback books, a game download, the gooey, junior-high toy, “Ooze,”an X-Files T-shirt and other smaller, fun items. The assortment was not as varied as some other subscription boxes we’ve seen (probably because including two paperback books took up too much room in the box), but there was something for just about everyone in the family.


An added bonus is that every subscription box includes a T-shirt with an original design exclusive to Geek Fuel. Because the company allows you to change shirt sizes from month to month if you want to, you can literally dress the whole family in nerd apparel just a few months. Niiice!


Geek Fuel subscription costs vary depending on duration, but all options promise to deliver a box with retail value of $40 or more each time. The subscription boxes go out around the 20th of each month, which means they typically arrive at the home a few days to a week or so after that. They offer single-box subscriptions (one month) for those who just want to try out the service, and multiple month subscriptions for families that want to dive in and enjoy over three months, six months, or even a year. Going on vacation? You can also “pause” your subscription while you’re gone, or spread it out so you get all the summer and winter boxes, but skip the spring and fall, or whatever works best for your schedule.


This kind of subscription service is a fun little family event, if you can afford the monthly cost. If not, it can be a special occasion buy (like a one-month subscription for a birthday present). Also, if you’ve got kids away at college, Geek Fuel can be a fun care package to send as a reminder of your love at home.


So yeah, with Geek Fuel, your family just got more fun!


















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Geek Fuel Mystery Box
Geek Fuel Mystery Box



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