Candace Cameron Bure

Balancing Faith, Family, and Fame



“Since I was ten years old I’ve been told I’m a role model,” Candace Cameron Bure says in her book, Balancing It All. If you caught Candace on season 18 of Dancing with the Stars, you can see pretty quickly why people would say that.


Candace is beautiful and talented. She’s fun and fresh. She’s a successful Hollywood actress and a New York Times® bestselling author. She’s happily married and loves being a mom. She’s an outspoken woman of deep, permanent faith—thriving in an often anti-religious, entertainment industry.


So how does she manage to balance it all? For Candace Cameron Bure, it’s not about what you do, but about who you are determined to be…


Here’s what that means…




Candace Bure has made living being other people—first as a child actor in the now-classic sitcom, Full House, then in movies, commercials, and more. She took a decade off to raise her family then, in 2009, ABC Family television network called.


Candace was to play a shady, “gold-digger” girlfriend on the Olympic-themed TV show, Make It or Break It. But after the producers met their actress…they changed their character! In Candace, they found a warm, genuine, woman who was so real and likeable in her faith, they wanted a Christian character like that on their show. The result? Candace played a positive Christian role model on TV for three years.


“I absolutely love my character Summer Van Horne!” Candace says of that time. “She is a loving and nurturing soul who truly wants the best for [others].”




Most kids grow up watching TV; Candy Cameron grew up on TV. “I loved working on Full House while growing up,” she says. “The memories that have stuck with me most are laughing on set with the cast and crew.


“There were always jokes being made [and] Dave Coulier was always loudly passing gas…I remember one time we were waiting at the top of the stairs in the kitchen (which in reality led nowhere, it was just an enclosed platform). And before rolling tape, Dave would let one fly while we all had to suffer the stink until our cue to come down! Pretty gross, I know—but at 12 years old, I thought it was pretty funny.”


In the high-pressure, high-stress world of performing, Dave Coulier taught Candace something important: Joy matters (even the stinky kind).




Discovering how to strategically pass gas wasn’t the only thing Candace took from working on Full House. She also learned a truth that helped her on Dancing with the Stars—and as a wife and mother:


Be involved in your own success.


“I learned to listen to direction,” she says now. “I learned to be mature and professional at a young age. I learned to be a team player and a trouper. Just because I was a kid, didn't mean I could get my way, or do everything I wanted. And I was OK with that. I could see the benefits of learning a skill and craft in a hand's on approach as a benefit that most children don't get. Being on set caused me to strive to do my best every day—which led into all areas of my life.”




A big part of being involved in your own success is being attentive—and parenting is no exception. Candace and her husband, former professional hockey player Val Bure, are parents of two treasured children. So how does a TV star handle her kids’ television habits? By paying attention to what they watch—and what they don’t watch.


“Television DOES influence our children in one way or another,” she says. “I take full advantage of the parental controls on my TV, and have to enter a code for everything rated PG-13 and up. This way, I can monitor what my children are watching, and can decide whether or not I feel it's appropriate or beneficial for them to watch—and not worry when I'm not home.”




Likewise, Candace is attentive to the fact that she is both a mother and a wife. After nearly two decades of marriage, she’s as committed to making her marriage work today as she was on the day she and Val exchanged their wedding vows. Her advice?


“A healthy marriage is a marriage with sex,” she says in Balancing It All. Candace explains, “As a married couple, this is one of the most important details of our marriage. If the sexual intimacy isn’t there, I can guarantee the relationship isn’t there in any other form. Sex needs to be high on the priority list for a balanced marriage.”




“It's wonderful to have big dreams and goals in life!” Candace says when speaking to young women. “I think you should follow and pursue those dreams if God gave you talents in that area.


“If you want to be an actress, then start practicing! Take acting classes, try out for school plays and make home movies! The most important thing with any job is to study and know your craft well. If you truly desire to shine in your field, then put 100% effort into focusing and growing your skills. Being ‘famous’ should never be the goal. And most of all: have fun!”




Two final words sum up what’s most important to Candace Cameron Bure: “Jesus Christ.” Why?


“My faith and relationship with Christ affects all aspects of my life,” she says, “from being a mom, a wife, an actress and a woman. I base all my actions and decisions off that relationship, which has molded me into the woman I am today.” Because of that, prayer is a central part of each day for her—especially when it comes to her husband. “Make a practice of praying for your spouse,” she advises. “You can’t imagine what might happen when you do.”


Candace also hopes that fans (like you) would pray regularly for her too: “Please pray that I would continue to be bold in sharing my faith and to model my love to everyone with my actions, and not just my words. Thank you!”




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Candace Cameron Bure


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