2011 PopFam Excellence Awards


Welcome to the 2011 Awards Program from PopFam E-Magazine!


It's awards season, and this year PopFam.com has decided to join in! Throughout the year, we see many excellent products for parents and famillies--from pop culture offerings to tech-savvy guides, picture books to blockbuster movies, and more. After looking over all the products we've reviewed in the past year in this e-magazine, we started making lists of our favorite recommendations...and viola! The PopFam Excellence Awards were born.


PopFam Excellence Award winners were chosen based on their unique contributions to: Family Life, Family Conversation, or Family Function. Additionally, only products that received a positive review in the PopFam.com e-magazine were eligible for this award.


Parents, please note however, that not every award-winner is appropriate for every family member. In fact, due to adult themes or content elements, some are not suited for children at all. Yes, we at PopFam.com think these are some of the best of pop culture in the past year, and that you as a parent will benefit from them as sparks for family life, family conversation, or family function. Still, as always, we encourages you parents out there to preview any product before introducing it at home.


And now...Congratulations to the award winners!


2011 PopFam Excellence Award Winners


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MAGIC BOX by Katie Cleminson (Disney-Hyperion). "Magic Box such a breath of fresh air we at FamilyfFans.com ended up reading it to every child we could find. "


INCEPTION (Warner Bros.). "Inception is a movie like no other. Yes, it has action, conflict, and suspense, but it is a unique story. You cannot leave the theatre and say, "Oh, that's just like Mission Impossible," or any other movie that has ever come out."


L.O.V.E. : PUTTING YOU LOVE STYLES TO WORK FOR YOU by Les & Leslie Parrott (Zondervan). "L.O.V.E. is everything its hyped up to be—and maybe a little bit more. Do yourself (and your spouse) a favor and get this book, enjoy with each other, and let it lead you toward a combined love style that does indeed forever stand guard over your marriage."


THE IPAD POCKET GUIDE by Jeff Carlson (Peachpit Press). "The essential companion to your iPad, this purse-friendly guide is well-organized, easy to follow, and great for finding exactly what you're looking for--exactly when you want it."


THE HURT LOCKER (Summit Entertainment). "The Hurt Locker is not a movie for children, but is a movie you won't want to miss. It is an experience that will leave you thinking well beyond its 131 minutes."


THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN SNAIL by Graeme Base. "As with any Graeme Base book, the visual images practically leap straight from the imagination and onto the page where they liven the mind with bright colors and inspiring detail. It would be worth the price of this book simply to thumb through the pages and take in the breathtaking sights."


COOKING LIGHT WHAT TO EAT by Cooking Light Magazine (Oxmoor House). "Probably the best 'grocery guide' we've seen on the market today!"


(500) DAYS OF SUMMER (Fox Home Entertainment). "(500) Days of Summer is creatively constructed and alive with emotion. It's warm and thoughtful. It's a DVD you'll want to see, and maybe see again with your teenagers."


BATTLEFIELDS AND BLESSINGS: IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN by Jane Hampton Cook, Jocelyn Green, and John Croushorn (God and Country Press / AMG Publishers). "The stories included in Battlefields &  Blessings will encourage you to see God globally, as well as personally, and walk more closely with him."


TOY STORY 3 (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment). "As always, Pixar created a movie that can be not only enjoyed, but loved by all ages. See it with your whole family!"


RAMONA AND BEEZUS (Walden Media / Fox Home Entertainment). "Fun stuff for everyone - go ahead and enjoy this with your whole family (even teens)."


TRUE GRIT by Charles Portis (Running Press). "There's a reason why people keep racking up awards for starring in filmic adaptations of Charles Portis' classic western, True Grit: the book is that good.


TANGLED (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment). "With amazing CG animation and light-hearted fun, this is a great movie for the family to see. Boys and girls will both love the hilarity."


WEIGHT WATCHERS NEW COMPLETE COOKBOOK (Wiley Publishing). "If you like to eat, you'll love the Weight Watcher's New Complete Cookbook. Heartily recommended for every American kitchen - and as a graduation gift for teens headed out to new life on their own."


--The Editors at PopFam.com


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PopFam Excellence Awards