VeggieTales Super Comics Vol. 4

B&H Kids / Big Idea Entertainment


by Mike Nappa & Cory Jones

Reader Appeal: Ages 7 and up

Genre: Graphic Novel



Wouldn't it be awesome to find Samson's hairbrush and then have the same power he did to defeat those bullies at school? I think this might become every grade school boy's new daydream. And while it might be something seen in an Indiana Jones movie, it's really one of three attention-grabbing stories in VeggieTales newest comic book.


Big Idea has taken the preferred reading material of kids (the comic book/graphic novel), and created brightly colored and cool stories with relevant messages that teach God's Word. Like their videos, these stories are silly, witty, and full of the truths you want your kids to hold on to. Truths that build character ("Love your enemies," "Don't give up") and teach about God ("Do not fear for I am with you"). And as parents, aren't we always looking for good resources to help us not only teach our kids about good character, but what God says?


Often we think of VeggieTales as being for younger children, but this comic book is really for grade school kids, and deals with issues relevant to their lives...bullies, fear, and laziness. Seriously, just the other day I was having a "talk" with one of my kids about being responsible for his homework. To not be lazy about it. To not give up, even when he'd rather be playing his video game or playing basketball. LarryBoy and the Quitter Critter Quad Squad is exactly what he experiences, and is an encouragement to see commitment and hard work the way God does, but it's delivered in a way that isn't a lecture from mom or dad. How great is that?


Remember in the videos how "Silly Songs with Larry" were interspersed within the stories. Well, in the comic book, they have updated to "Knock, Knock Jokes" instead, which all kids love. So get might need to fire a few back!


Let’s Talk About It

If your family members are interested in this book, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• Tell about a recent experience where Is. 41:10 ("Do not fear, for I am with you...") would have given you courage. Why does God's presence give you strength?


• What would happen if you started praying for your enemy? To you? To the other person?


• What does it mean in Galatians 6:9 when it says, "we will reap in the proper time if we don't give up?" What is the easiest thing for you to give up on? What might you reap if you keep working?




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