Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1

IDW Publishing


by Erik Burnham & Nacho Arranz

Reader Appeal/Publisher Rating: Ages 10 and up

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy



All right, if you haven't shared the 1999 sci-fi comedy movie, Galaxy Quest, with your kids yet, then, well, shame on you for bad parenting. Or at least for bad taste in movies. Also, you'll probably want to skip this review because you won't have a clue what I'm talking about anyway.


If, on the other hand, you are a good parent who actually loves your kids and have therefore already seen Galaxy Quest with your family, then read on and enjoy.


IDW Publishing has brought our favorite, intrepid, inept, narcissistic, cosmos-spanning psuedo-TV stars back to life in the comic book series, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues. Oh what fun it is to see Jason Nesmith/Peter Quincy Taggart, Gwen DeMarco, Brandon (no last name), and the rest of the crew again!


Issue #1 doesn't concern itself too much with retelling what happened in the movie, thankfully. Instead, it gives just the information we need to launch an all-new storyline and bring us back into the world that immortalized the line, "Never give up. Never surrender."


As you recall, the end of the movie saw our heroes saving the universe through a wondrous device called the Omega 13, which miraculously twisted time and took everything backward 13 full seconds. Hooray! But...


What if, far across the galaxy, a civil war was raging. And, what if the Omega 13 kicked in at just the moment when the righteous rebels in that war had won a tide-turning, covert battle? And what if erasing that 13 seconds had changed that history, causing them to lose that battle instead? That's the premise for this new adventure, and it comes off great in this comic book. It sets up stakes, gives cause for revenge, and starts a new adventure quickly into motion.


The lizard-like, shape-shifting rebels know their victory was stolen, and begin a search to find out why. That leads them, of course, to Earth, which puts our TV-star heroes directly in the blaster-path once again. Now, what'll happen next? We'll have to wait and see in future issues, but I'm guessing it'll be worth it.


Erik Burnham, as the scripter for this comic, has created a very clever, natural extension to the Galaxy Quest movie plot, so kudos to him for that. Dialogue sounds snarky and authentic, and just like you might have heard it in the movie. (I laughed out loud at Brandon's breathless, eyes-wide, dialogue-cramming delivery of dire warnings to Jason.) In short, the story works, which is very cool.


Nacho Arranz does his best to keep up with Burnham, and does well with the sci-fi elements like planets, aliens, and futuristic weaponry. Unfortunately, he's not as adept at drawing human faces, particularly when it comes to faces we should recognize (Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, and the others). I often found it hard to distinguish who the characters were, they all had such similar characteristics, especially the male characters. I would've liked to see better detail, more recognizable faces from Arranz. Still, there was much to enjoy otherwise in the art, so I'm willing to forgive this minor lack of perfection.


Overall, I was very pleased with this comic. I'm a big fan of the movie (obviously) and was ready to be very critical of any comic book that might've blemished that memory. Burnham and Arranz won me over though, so now I'm a fan of Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues as well. Enjoy this one with your family members ages 12 and up.




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