Figment #1

Marvel Comics


by Jim Zub & Filipe Andrade

Reader Appeal/Publisher Rating: All Ages

Genre: Fantasy



A steampunk fantasy adventure that reveals the origin of Dreamfinder and his inquisitive dragon companion, Figment.


At our house, we’ve always called Figment “The Secret Disney Character” because, up to now, this imaginative purple dragon was only seen in “Journey into the Imagination,” a family-friendly ride located in the Epcot® Theme Park at Walt Disney World. Turns out we were wrong about that. Fact is, there are millions of Figment fans—and enough of us clamoring for more to prompt Disney and Marvel Comics to launch an all-new, limited edition series based on the world’s most popular “Secret Disney Character.” Yay!


Figment #1 does not disappoint. Written by rising star, Jim Zub, and lushly illustrated by Filipe Andrade, this origin story of an imagination-dragon-creation is captivating from page one. Set in a Sherlock-Holmes era London (around 1910), the story opens with an introduction to steampunk inventor, Blarion Mercurial. Working at the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus, Blair is given the job of finding a new source of energy to power the increasingly technological world around him. His innovation is to “tap into the energy of the mind,” to somehow transfer the invisible power of imagination into the literal, workaday world of energy consumption. So he invents the Integrated Mesmonic Converter (IMC) to change pure thought to energy.


Alas, some things don’t work out the way you dream them, and Blair’s initial attempts are, well, less than successful. Given an ultimatum by his cranky, bottom-line-seeking boss, the brilliant inventor tries one last time to generate energy through his (now-repaired) IMC … and a miracle happens.


You guessed it. A magical, imagination dragon named Figment is born. Pretty cool—but not quite a new source of energy to power a steampunk world. So what’s a Dreamfinder to do?


Well, hide the dragon, of course. And go back to the drawing board. Have a mind-blowing adventure with your new purple friend. And maybe, just maybe, let your imagination change the world after all…


As you can guess, I found Figment #1 to be a delight. Jim Zub’s careful unfolding of the origin story paired with Filipe Andrade’s stylized illustrations really transports a reader into this fantasy world. From panel to panel, it’s easy to believe this place exists—and that it contains magic. Messages of creativity, possibility, and dedication are affirming and entertaining. And, of course, who doesn’t love seeing Figment spread his child-like joy from one panel to the next?


Disney and Marvel got it right this time. Parents, kids, and even teens will all enjoy passing this comic around. Highly recommended.


Figment #1 is rated “All Ages” by Marvel Comics, meaning they’ve judged it to be appropriate for children, teens, and adults alike.




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