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Zombie Parents (Zits Sketchbook 15)


by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman


Andrews McMeel Publishing


Reader Appeal: All Ages


Genre: Cartoon Collections


PopFam Rating: B+


Quick Summary: OK, yes, the title series about "Zombie Parents" in this particular collection of Zits comics doesn't really live up to the laugh-out-loud humor we've come to expect from Scott and Borgman. Thankfully, this book is so much more than that! Continuing to follow the teenage exploits of Jeremy Duncan and his longsuffering parents (Walt & Connie), Zits once again delivers a uniquely funny perspective on what we all recognize as everyday life. In Zombie Parents, the distractions of cell phones, hassles of aging, and adolescent angst are all targets for comedy--and Scott and Borgman faithfully hit the mark. Enjoy this book with your whole family.


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