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You're Making That Face Again (Zits Sketchbook 13)


by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman


Andrews McMeel Publishing


Reader Appeal: All Ages


Genre: Cartoons


PopFam Rating: A


Quick Summary: Jeremy Duncan, perennial teenager, is at it again—and as usual that means very funny things are happening. Joined by delightful characters such as his parents, Walt & Connie, as well as his best buds/bandmates, Hector and Pierce, Jeremy's view of the teen experience will have you chuckling from page one. In this sketchbook collection, Jeremy's constant pursuit of "cool" and his parents' constant inability to be cool play off each other like fine musicians. Highlights include watersports with Walt & Connie, Jeremy's facial interpretations of all the ways to say "Dude," 101 Things You Should Do Before You're 16, and much much more. Pass this one around to the whole family, especially if you (or someone in your house) is a teen. Enjoy!


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