This is Not a Book


by Keri Smith




Reader Appeal: Young Adults and Up


Genre: Exploratory / Journaling


I was really excited to read This is Not a Book because I really enjoyed Keri Smith’s other book Wreck This Journal. Keri Smith is a writer who is committed to becoming an explorer of the world, and her books enthusiastically encourage readers to look beyond the ordinary in inventive, novel ways.


Like Smith’s previous books, This is Not a Book is a creative journey for the reader. It’s almost like a journal – except that instead of writing your thoughts you live them out in unexpected ways. On each page, Smith challenges you to try something new and unique, to explore your world and who you are in it. It’s self-discovery like no other book out there—and it’s a lot of fun.


When I first opened this book (that’s not a book!), I immediately started having a good time with it. The first command Smith gave was to keep This is Not a Book with me at all times for a week. It was a tough challenge, but definitely interesting. (And yes, I even took this book into the bathroom with me!)


The best thing about This is Not a Book is that there’s creative fun on every page. Whether it’s telling you to eat your dinner off of the book, or to make a treasure map for a friend, there’s always something cool to do. This book also helps the reader cross boundaries and get out of his or her comfort zones. And there are many pages that require the reader to actually destroy the book! That’s something many people want to do, but never get a chance to do. It makes for a lived-in, exciting reading experience.


This is Not a Book would be a great journal/activity book for parents and their kids to go through together over the course of a few weeks. It would create many opportunities for fun times and happy memories. Why not give it a try with your kids?


In all, This is Not a Book absolutely lived up to my expectations. It is super fun—and one that’s highly recommended!






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