Quick Pick:


Star Wars: Crucible


by Troy Denning


Del Rey / Ballantine Books


Genre: Fantasy / Adventure


Quick Summary: An adventurous return to the galaxy far, far away...


It’s been 45 years since the rebel destroyed the Empire’s terrible Death Star. Today, freedom, democracy, and the Jedi Order rule the universe. In this setting, Han Solo and Princess Leia (now long married) travel to the Outer Rim to help out their old friend, Lando Calrissian. Pirates and aliens intent on a corporate takeover have made life dangerous for any honest miners in the Rim, including Lando. But how far will these raiders go for a profit? And can even a Jedi warrior match up to their nefarious plans? Crucible tells that tale.


Pretty much any Star Wars fan 12 and older in your family will enjoy this fast-paced, fun-filled adventure.


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