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by Orson Scott Card


Simon Pulse


Reader Appeal: Sci-Fi fans, teen or adult


Genre: Science Fiction


PopFam Rating: B


Quick Summary: In an otherworld (perhaps a forgotten colony of Earth?) the boy Rigg is most unusual. He can literally see the paths that people and animals walk, identifying them by color and vividness. When combined with the power of his friend, Rigg discovers he can not only see the past in the paths, but also change the past. After the death of his father and the subsequent travails of trying to follow his last wishes, Rigg and company must face more than death in order to survive. A bit long, and occasionally bogged down with impassioned secular humanist dialogue/sermons, Card's book is still an interesting read. Science fiction fans in your household will likely enjoy it, though it's probably wise for a parent to read along and discuss if younger teens are interested in the story.


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