Out of Sight, Out of Time


by Ally Carter




Reader Appeal: Tweens, particularly girls


Genre: YA Action/Adventure


PopFam Rating: B+


At one point or another, every girl has dreams of being a spy. In Ally Carter’s book “Out of Sight, Out of Time,” tween girls can jump into the exciting spy world of Cammie Morgan and her friends as they try to recover Cammie’s lost memory of summer.


Readers should know that this book is the fifth book in a series written by Ally Carter, titled “The Gallagher Girls Series.” Reading the beginning four books would be a suggestion because some characters, past events, and drama are brought up and discussed in the book and may be confusing if one is not familiar with the beginning of the series. However, these past circumstances are explained briefly and one can easily read this book and understand the general story line of the series and basic plot within this book.


The book starts off when Cammie Morgan awakes in a bed in a convent in the Alps. She remembers nothing about her summer and only has scrapes and bruises all over her body to give her any kind of clue as to where she has been and what she has been doing. Upon her return to Gallagher Academy, Cammie deals with trying to keep up in school and renew a friendship with her best friend, Bex. Cammie and her boyfriend, Zach, are also having fights about Cammie running away last summer. On top of it all, Cammie desperately wants to find out what happened to her--and why she can't remember it! Against the wishes of her mother, Cammie and her friends try to recapture Cammie’s memory.


Slowly, the gang receives clues as to where Cammie has been. With the help of her Aunt Abby and Agent Townsend, Cammie and her friends, Macey, Liz, and Bex, embark on a quest for Cammie’s memory.


It has been suspected that The Circle of Craven, an international terrorist organization, caught Cammie and tortured her into losing her memory. She wants to know why. The Circle is relentless though, and they keep up the pursuit, determined to not let her discover anything about the previous summer’s events. It’s up to Cammie, her friends, and her boyfriend to solve an age old mystery that could lead to the destruction of the Circle itself. Cammie is determined to stop at nothing to recover the thing that her dad died for—a list that contains the names of the members of the Circle. Will the gang be able to recover the list, or will they run out of time?


Parent should be aware that this book does contain a bit of violence. There are a few scenes described in the book in which guns, violent fighting, wounds and lots of blood are used. Cammie occasionally has flashbacks to her summer when she mildly describes her torture. There is also mild kissing and hugging between Cammie and her boyfriend, Zach. The last thing parents should know is that this book contains themes that may not be appropriate for child readers. Being a spy, there are incidences of betrayal and manipulative behavior. However, there are good themes discussed in this book. Cammie’s friends are very loyal and caring and will stop at nothing to keep Cammie safe and help her recover her memory.


Overall, this book holds lots of action, adventure and mystery as the reader explores the world of the Gallagher Girls.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this book, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• In the book, Cammie’s friends are very loyal and they care a lot for her. Do you think that your friends would ever do the same things for you that Cammie’s friends do for her? Would you do the same for them?


• If you were a spy, do you think that you could be brave like Cammie? Explain.


• During the course of the novel, Cammie is striving to regain her lost memory. Have you ever lost something really important that you were willing to do anything to get it back? Did you find what you had lost? If so, how did you get it back?




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