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ObamaCare Survival Guide


by Nick J. Tate


Humanix Books


Reader Appeal: Adults and College Age


Genre: Health


PopFam Rating: A


Quick Summary: Like it or not, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (i.e. “ObamaCare”) is law in these United States, and 2014 marks the implementation of a host of new health care regulations. These laws affect every single American ... Are you ready? If not, Nick J. Tate is here to help. With a clear, easily-accessible writing style, Tate’s New York Time bestseller, ObamaCare Survival Guide, delivers practical, helpful explanations of your new governmental health system. Tate doesn’t play politics in the debate, but simply answers questions about what the law means for you, what it means for small businesses, what to expect from health insurance exchanges, Medicaid, Medicare, and more. Recommended reading for anyone aged 18 or older in your family.


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