by Mac Barnett & Kevin Cornell


Disney-Hyperion Books for Young Readers


Reader Appeal: Preschoolers and their parents


Genre: Picture Book


PopFam Rating: B+


If you have the misfortune of living in Duncan's kingdom, well then you already know what happens in this book. But for the rest of us, a little history is in order.


It seems there's a place where Duncan is king, and in this place Duncan is not a great king. In fact, he's awful. He's so vain and self-absorbed that most of his days are spent simply admiring himself in a the Royal Mirror.


Yes, that seems to be working out fine for King Duncan, but sadly, the rest of his kingdom is just a Royal Mess. Instead of repairing roads, Duncan installed billboards that testified to his handsomeness. Instead of fixing playgrounds, he created a giant banner featuring his face and the slogan, "I'm Great!"


Needless to say, his subjects were nonplussed. So much so that, at some secret time in the night, someone painted an awful, bushy mustache across Duncan's face on the banner. Soon that awful mustache appeared on Duncan-themed posters and placards everywhere in the kingdom!


And now it was King Duncan's turn to be nonplussed. So what do you think he did? Well, you'll have to read the rest of the delightful picture book, Mustache! to find out. But trust me--it's worth the read. Especially if you happen to have a ticklish preschooler sitting in your lap as you turn the pages.


Mustache! is great fun for parents and kids alike, with visually arresting illustrations and silly-fun plot twists that'll keep everyone smiling to the end. Enjoy it with your kids today!




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