by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott




Reader Appeal: Couples


Genre: Love and Marriage


PopFam Rating: A-


Here’s a question for you: Is your spouse an Evaluator or an Optimist? A Leader perhaps, or maybe a Validator?


According to psychologists Les and Leslie Parrott, discovering which of these “love styles” are at work in your marriage will not only help you get along better—it’ll help you create a combined “love style that will forever stand guard over your marriage.” And if you’ve ever read any of the Parrott’s previous works, you know that they always deliver what they promise.


L.O.V.E., then, is the Parrott’s latest contribution to your marriage. And, as expected, they’ve created a lively book that is both theoretically expansive and practically helpful. This book is easy to read, easy to follow, and packed with ideas and insights that can be applied right away in any marriage (or pre-marriage) relationship.


The one drawback to L.O.V.E. is the excess marketing right up front. Two full pages of the prologue make it clear that the publisher believes this book alone isn’t enough—pointing you with generous enthusiasm toward all the supplementary products based on themes of this book. Let’s see, there’s an online assessment, his-and-her workbooks, a DVD kit for small groups, online video tips and advice (visit our website now!), and who knows what else. While I’m sure all these additional products are indeed helpful, packing in the pitch right at the beginning of the book seemed more like a cynical hard-sell than a sincere offer of more help—and IMHBAO* that seemed out of character for Les and Leslie Parrott.


Still, once you get past the hard-sell at the beginning, this book carries a wealth of information and hands-on exercises to help you discover and personalize the message of love styles for your marriage.


Part One offers an overview of the concept of “love styles,” along with a brief explanation of the things that shape our expectations and expressions of love. (Hint: It has to do with your DNA and the way your personality grew out of that.)


Part Two gets more to the heart of the matter, with in-depth explorations of each of the four love styles identified by the Parrotts.


There’s the Leader—the spouse most likely to be goal-oriented, hardworking, and just a bit too stubborn. Next is the Optimist—the spouse who is likely to be fun-loving, sociable, and perhaps a little scatterbrained. There’s also the Validator—the one in your marriage who nurturing, thoughtful, and sometimes a little withdrawn. And last but not least, there’s the Evaluator—the person who is purposeful, conscientious, and also a little too critical at times.


Part Three of L.O.V.E. delivers the practical, everyday advice we’ve come to expect and admire from Les and Leslie Parrott. It’s in these “If You’re Married To A…” chapters that you can learn what to do and how to adjust so that you and your spouse can joyfully combine your separate love styles into one overarching love relationship that celebrates who you both are.


In all, L.O.V.E. is everything its hyped up to be—and maybe a little bit more. Do yourself (and your spouse) a favor and get this book, enjoy with each other, and let it lead you toward a combined love style that does indeed forever stand guard over your marriage.




* In My Humble, but Accurate Opinion


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