Quick Pick:


Leviathans of Jupiter


by Ben Bova




Reader Appeal: Teens and Adults


Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy


PopFam Rating: B


Quick Summary: What if the water dinosaurs of eons past had evolved over millennia? What if, today, these giant creature had achieved human-like intelligence and built advanced societies? And what if it all happened in the enormous, hidden oceans of the planet Jupiter? Could these be the extraterrestrial life forms that capture our imagination? That's the premise behind sci-fi legend, Ben Bova's novel Leviathans of Jupiter. Bova's premise if based in real science, and is generally played out interestingly over 400-plus pages. As always, the master's writing is clear and evocative, but sometimes follows a plodding pace. It's also occasionally confusing, sacrificing plot and movement to mire itself in more detail than is really necessary. Still, although Leviathans of Jupiter may not create a flock of new devotees for Bova, fans of his previous books should more than enjoy this offering from an icon in the genre.


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