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How God Became Jesus


by Michael F. Bird, Craig A. Evans, Simon Gathercole, Charles E. Hill, and Chris Tilling




Reader Appeal: Adults and some Teens


Genre: Theology / Apologetics


PopFam Rating: A


Quick Summary: Bart Ehrman has made a cottage industry of creating new, marketable conspiracy theories about Jesus. In the process, he’s made it OK to talk about religion in public places—and spawned an equally profitable “Ehrman-Reponse” industry. How God Became Jesus is the latest entry into that canon.


Written by nearly a half-dozen theologians, this book lays out a clear, coherent case for the divinity of Christ, refuting Ehrman’s logic in determined detail. Is it interesting reading? Not necessarily—but it is important, and it does provide a wealth of thoughtful information. Recommended.


(One interesting note: HarperCollins is the publishing house behind both Ehrman's book on this topic and this response book. Ehrman's book is published through their HarperOne imprint, while this one is published through their Zondervan imprint.)


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