Quick Pick:


The Hippest Trip in America


by Nelson George


William Morrow


Reader Appeal: Parents and "Retro-Inspired" Teens


Genre: Memoir


PopFam Rating: B+


Quick Summary: If you’re feeling bummed because you just can’t afford to go on next year’s next Soul Train Cruise to the Bahamas, then I’ve got groovy news for you: You can at least relive the nostalgia in Nelson George’s chronicle, The Hippest Trip in America.


During the 1970s, Soul Train was a bona fide TV phenomenon, airing Saturday mornings and showcasing the musical and cultural preferences of trendsetting, young African-Americans: R&B, funk, jazz, disco, and more. If you were there, you know how cool it was. This book tells the inside story of how it all happened. (Parents should be aware that content is intended for adults, so be prepared to preview this book yourself before handing it off to an interested teen.)


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