God in Slow Motion


by Mike Nappa


Thomas Nelson Publishers


Reader Appeal: College and Adult


Genre: Christian Living


PopFam Rating: A


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Have you ever read a story from the Bible and let the depth of it slip from your fingers? Missed some of the meaning because you just didn't see the big picture? Wondered what you were missing in the pages of Scripture?


The Bible can be like that; sometimes it seems to leave out really important information. Thankfully, Mike Nappa has an amazing gift for bringing the Bible to life, and then revealing that same kind of life in our world today. That’s what he does in his beautiful new book, God in Slow Motion.


For instance, what was life like for Matthew, the tax collector, before Jesus interrupted it? Did that nameless Woman with an Issue of Blood really try to steal a miracle from God? And what did John the Baptist feel when Jesus was performing miracles for everyone—but left him to suffer in jail?


And beyond that, have you ever felt that way?


You may not have suffered in jail, but my bet is you've questioned God during hard times, felt absolutely unworthy of God's love, or felt your faith as thin as parchment. Guess what? So have other well-known friends of Jesus. And we need overlook them no longer!


In God in Slow Motion, Nappa recreates the experiences of people from the Bible, giving depth and insight into the lives of these real people of history. Then he turns it around to show how God interacts with us in similar ways. We just don't always SEE God, hidden, there in the “underneath things” that crowd our days.


Writing in a conversational, accessible style, Nappa draws not only from his own life—being vulnerable and transparent with his own struggles—but also from the lives of people all over the spectrum of existence. Religious and non-religious folk are put in the spotlight here, as well as writers, movie characters, TV sitcoms, and people you've never heard of—but should have. Using Jesus as the anchor point, topics are discussed with creativity and relevance, yet with depth and intention as well. It’s a fascinating journey into the life of Christ that reveals so much about the Christian life.


In all, God in Slow Motion is gratifying to read, easy to understand, and simply great writing. It's a book you'll want to pick up for yourself—and then want to give away to a friend who needs it as much as you did.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this book, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• Which Bible character in God in Slow Motion did you identify with most? Explain.


• Many of the Bible stories and characters highlighted in God in Slow Motion are familiar and memorable. So much so, that we often look over the details and feelings of the people involved. What did you learn that surprised you?


• If someone were to look at the “underneath things” of your life, how would they see God?




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