The Complete Guide to the Bible


by Stephen M. Miller


Barbour Publishing


Reader Appeal: Bible students of all ages


Genre: Reference Books


PopFam Rating: A


Here's a book that's a great pick for Bible study beginners and veterans alike. In here, Stephen Miller's given us a wealth of easily-accessible, easy-to-understand knowledge about Scripture from, starting in Genesis 1:1 and going all the way through Revelation.


In the introduction, Miller reveals that he wrote this book with his non-Christian friends in mind, to help everyone better understand the biblical perspective. That perspective pays off in many ways, making The Complete Guide to the Bible one that all of your family members can approach with confidence, from preteens to parents. No, this is not a children's book, and some concepts discussed are, by their nature, intellectually challenging. But that adds to the appeal for sharing this book with your kids. If both parent and child alike are wrestling with accurate interpretations of God's word, both parent and child alike grow deeper in faith and in relationship with each other.


Miller ably recognizes the mountain of different perspectives on the Bible, and takes his time to acknowledge them, allowing the reader to decide for himself or herself what makes the most sense. Because of that, The Complete Guide to the Bible is a great resource for any in your family who want to dig deeper into Scripture's meaning and the Christian faith.


The Complete Guide to the Bible is an outstanding resource that delivers exactly what it promises: an easy-to-read Bible reference book for you and your whole family. Easily recommended.




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