The Case for Grace


by Lee Strobel




Reader Appeal: Parents, Teens


Genre: Christian Living


PopFam Rating: B


It’s tempting to think of Lee Strobel as a one-trick writer, simply because he keeps publishing random books titled “The Case for…” That temptation gets even stronger when you see the title of his latest book, The Case for Grace. After all, no one is really arguing against grace, no one is demanding that grace be abandoned as irrelevant or unhistorical, and no great apologist is actually needed to rise up and make a case that grace is legitimate and eternal. So what to do with Strobel’s new book?


Well…resist temptation.


The Case for Grace may indeed be awkwardly titled, but let’s blame the publisher’s marketing department for that. Strobel himself has created a warm, insightful, personal glimpse at the transforming power of God’s grace in a person’s life. No, it’s not really an apologetic book as it claims to be—but so what? It still delivers a fascinating glimpse at life in the hands of faith.


Like all of Strobel’s books, this one relies on journalistic interviews and reporting to tell its story. Uniquely, this one also includes the story of the author’s own struggle with a life-threatening health condition. (You’ll have to read the book to find out more about that!). Strobel’s own story is painful, deeply personal, and ultimately redemptive—a rare treat. Additionally, he’s included tales of redemption of seven other real-life grace-addicts, people who have experienced firsthand the transforming power of Christ’s love. These stories include: A Korean orphan, a teenage drug addict from Texas, a homeless felon in Las Vegas, a humiliated pastor in South Carolina, an aide to a war criminal, and more.


God, it seems, is still spreading grace to the most undeserving of us every day—and still changing lives moment by moment. If you’re looking for a new apologetic book, this is not it. But if you want a reminder that Jesus really does make a difference in your life and the lives of others, then The Case for Grace is waiting to lift your spirit and encourage your soul.




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