by John Rocco


Disney-Hyperion Books for Young Readers


Reader Appeal: Children ages 4 to 8


Genre: Picture Book


PopFam Rating: A


"It started out a normal summer night..."


If you know anything about the imaginative mind of children's author, John Rocco, then you also know that this summer night didn't stay "normal "for long. First there were cars and noise and cell phone chatter and video games and...well, every one was busy. Or as Rocco describes the feelings of his young heroine, "Much. Too. Busy."


"And then the lights went out. All of them."


In the ensuing blackout of the city, one family rediscovers the joy of relationship, laughing and playing games all night long. With this vivid, colorful story, Rocco helps us all to rediscover that joy.


The author/illustrator captures both the emotions of childhood and the images of happy memories on page after page of this book. The rich, shadowed, nuanced art alone is worth the price of Blackout--but the heartwarming story and affirmation of family friendship is what makes it worth sharing.


Read Blackout aloud to your kids today. Chances are good, you'll all find magic when the lights go out.




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