Battlefields and Blessings: Iraq & Afghanistan


by Jane Hampton Cook, Jocelyn Green, John Croushorn


AMG Publishers


Reader Appeal: Young adults and parents


Genre: Devotional / History


PopFam Rating: B+


This is not your typical devotional book. Battlefields & Blessings is certainly not as heady as My Utmost For His Highest, or as short as Daily Bread, but is without doubt a thought provoking book with a lot to say.


War is always a controversial time, and it's easy to see only the headlines declaring the newest body count or political scandal surrounding the countries involved. With violent acts it's easy to question God's activity and presence in such situations. But Battlefields & Blessings takes a look beyond the obvious, and places God right in the middle of all the activity.


Battlefields & Blessings is unique, as it's written by men and women in the armed forces, Congressmen, missionaries, wives, children, and veterans who have all had first hand experiences with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as 9/11. They are people like you and me, who are scared in the midst of battle, grieved to lose loved ones, and amazed at how God has worked in the midst of war. You can't read this book and not see God.


You'll see God in the orphanages built and the children ministered to, through miracle after miracle of survival, and as God makes himself known even through the death of loved ones. And while most of us will never experience war first hand, these daily stories, prayers, and verses will lead you to a place of introspection of your life experiences. We all experience conflict with a friend or co-worker; someone who needs encouragement; an unexpected injury, illness or death. The situation might be different, but the lessons are still the same.


The worst part of this book, is that stories are often spaced out over several days, or a week. If you're like me, I couldn't stop reading and wait for the story to continue the next day. These stories of faith are captivating and full of God's love and power.


Due to the topic of war and its results, this is not a devotional for children or families. Young adults and parents will benefit most from spending time reading and pondering the powerful accounts of the men and women included.


War is such an ugly thing, and life can sometimes be the same. We all face our own battlefield, and need to see God in the midst of conflict, as well as peace. The stories included in Battlefields & Blessings will encourage you to see God globally, as well as personally, and walk more closely with him.




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