The Argyle Sweater: Puns of Steel

(An Argyle Sweater Collection)


by Scott Hilburn


Andrews McMeel Publishers


Reader Appeal: All ages


Genre: Cartoon Collection


PopFam Rating: A


Puns of Steel delivers a quick comic relief by using a combination of wit and logic. This comic will make even the hardest critic laugh. With a style reminiscent of Gary Larson and The Far Side, Scott Hilburn's Argyle Sweater cartoon ably fills the void left behind by Larson's retirement.


Although there is no real story line connecting the cartoons in this Argyle Sweater collection, they all seem to share the same kind of humor that keeps you reading. Hilburn is a master of making light of a situation, seeing things from a unique perspective, and presenting what could be risky subjects in a way that makes you shake your head, laugh and think, “That was bad… really bad”. From making fun of Michael Jackson’s nose to the hygiene habits of others, this comic will make you laugh again and again.


The content, while funny, also addresses issues and topics which some parents may find inappropriate for younger readers, so I'd recommend that parents unfamiliar with the Argyle Sweater read the book first before passing off to the kids.




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