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The Accidental Billionaires


by Ben Mezrich


Anchor Books


Reader Appeal: Teens and Adults


Genre: Narrative Non-fiction / Biography


PopFam Rating: B+


Quick Summary: If you're curious about the full story behind the hit film, The Social Network, then you'll want to check out the book on which the film is based: Ben Mezrich's The Accidental Billionaires. Written in the style of a novel, this fact-based biography of the birthing of Facebook is filled with interesting insights and a rich, compelling story. High school and college students, as well as their parents, will easily be engaged by Mezrich's prose. One thing to note, though: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg refused to be interviewed for this book, while his estranged co-founder, Eduardo Saverin provided extensive interviews. Perhaps it's no wonder, then, that Saverin comes off well in here - and Zuckerberg does not


PS. Parents should also be aware that this book contains frequent profanity and sexual situations.


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