The 5 Essentials


by Bob Deutsch with Lou Aronica


Hudson Street Press


Reader Appeal: Adults


Genre: Self-Help


PopFam Rating: B


Have you ever felt stuck? Like life was in an unending holding pattern? Or found yourself in an unfulfilling job, a stagnant social life, and goals that have just somehow slipped away? If so, Dr. Bob Deutsch has recently written a book that will help you get unstuck and find a renewed curiosity about the possibilities of your life.


Dr. Deutsch is an anthropologist, and has spent his life observing people. Why do they make the decisions they make? Why do they act as they do? How do they use the resources around them? Why do some use these assets and others don't? What he's found are five essential characteristics of fulfilled and happy people that are available to everyone. There's nothing to buy, just the simple action of looking at your life and asking a few key questions.


Now, I've read self-help books before, and really never enjoyed them. Never got much out of them, to be honest. Boring and unrealistic, were my general impressions of most. But The 5 Essentials is a different kind of book. It's easy to read and offers suggestions that are actually doable. This isn't a motivational "pump you up" book, but one that offers insight into human behavior, and may make you stop and consider what life might be like if you followed your passion, or even a passing interest. How could your life expand? We all know someone who is doing things we dream of. Learning to scuba dive. Training to climb Mt. Everest. Adopting a baby. Taking voice lessons for the first time. Starting their own business. For them, the curiosity and possibilities of life haven't been stunted, but are welcomed. They have a sense of who they are and are energized about experiencing life. What have they found that allows them to be adventurous about life? Dr. Deutsch has some answers that you might find interesting and helpful.


So, if you have found yourself less than satisfied with the life you are living, you might want to pick up a copy of this book and consider some of the questions Dr. Deutsch asks, and maybe find a renewed curiosity about the possibilities in life.


Let’s Talk About It


If your family members are interested in this book, then encourage discussion about it afterward. You can use these questions to get started:


• Which of the five essentials did you find most interesting?


• What is it you dream of doing? What is your passion?


• What is holding you back from pursuing "home?"




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