Quick Pick


The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook


by Erin Chase


St. Martins Griffin


Reader Appeal: Parents; Newlyweds; College Students


Genre: Cooking


Quick Content Summary: Here's welcome resource when it's time to squeeze the budget a bit - over 200 tasty, budget-friendly recipes for dinner entrees! Each recipe feeds a family of four, and costs less than $5 for the entire meal. Includes instructions for everything from Pasta with Broccoli and Chicken to Mini Meatloaves to Honey-Dijon Tilapia and more. As a bonus, the introductory section delivers practical advice for strategic meal planning and couponing, and even tips for shopping the aisles at your favorite grocery store.


PopFam RATING/RECOMMENDATION: B. Many delicious recipes in here - and the low-cost approach is consistent throughout. The big drawback is that recipes don't always adhere to healthy nutrition standards or even provide nutritional information. Still, this is a great gift for college students moving into their own apartments, for newlyweds living on a budget, or for parents ready to save a few bucks on food.


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